Eagle Feather Organic Farm, a licensed North Carolina Department of Agriculture nursery since 1996, is available for sale.

The current goal is to support several households’ economy, take care of the land, and tend the essential projects and goals of the Farm.

Eagle Feather Organic Farm is a United Plant Savers Native Botanical Sanctuary. It is home to the Southern Appalachian School for Growing Medicinal Plants, which first held classes in 1999, and the North Carolina Ginseng & Goldenseal Co., which was established in 1994.

At the moment, Eagle Feather Organic Farm consists of 27 acres, divided into three parcels.

23 acres are currently for sale. A survey of the property is recorded at the courthouse.

Parcel 1.) Available for $250,000, it consists of 5 acres that include the Air BnB lodge (2,000 sq. ft approx.) and the Hermitage (a cabin in the woods with no electricity or water at present).

Parcel 2.) Available for $210,000, it consists of 17 acres over the ridge. This acreage has a logging road that goes down to the French Broad River at 1,600 ft. altitude, with riparian rights. It includes a $20,000 conservation easement.

Parcel 3.) The 5-acre parcel which contains the owner’s house, its gardens, and the Garden Cabin, is not for sale.

Eagle Feather Farm

The owner is willing to “hold the mortgage”, with a reasonable but sizable down payment.

The Air BnB lodge is housed in a two-story structure. The top floor features two bedrooms with a shared kitchen, a large space for both eating and living with a potential office. There is a shared separate shower with on-demand hot water and a separate bathroom with a flush toilet, plus a compositing toilet all on one level. Below the lodge is a Potting Shed for the nursery and a storage room that could be a third bedroom in this structure. There is also an open-sided storage area, but under cover. The Lodge and Hermitage are three season buildings.

There is an outside stone stairway connecting the circular dive to the logging road which serves as a boundary line between the two 5-acre parcels, with buildings being close and visible.

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A reservoir holding 325 gallons of water provides gravity flowing spring water to the lodge, which is located near the Hermitage. A new culvert is replacing the 30 year old metal one. Two rain barrels with gutters and down spouts are on the Lodge building. Preliminary information about a well has been done for the Lodge. On the west side of the property is a circular drive with a vegetable and perennial garden in the middle which can be jointly used.

The owner, Robert Eidus, is willing to “mentor” the new owner(s) to maintain the international medicinal reputation that Eagle Feather Organic farm has for providing the highest quality herbal products and plants.

Contact Robert Eidus at (828) 649-3536 or robert#ncgoldenseal.com.