The Garden Cabin

Guest Guidelines

NO pets are allowed.

NO tobacco products: It is imperative that the plants grow in as natural a setting as possible, therefore no tobacco products (cigarettes, chew/dip, etc.) or illegal drugs are allowed on Eagle Feather Organic Farm property. Alcohol is allowed, in moderation.

We like to keep a peaceful work environment, so no loud music may be played, however guests are welcome to bring their own headphones if they like to enjoy personal music as they work.

Help Keep it Clean

Since all of us share work spaces and tools, it’s essential that everyone clean up after themselves, not only in your personal sleeping area, but also in the kitchen, bathroom, potting shed, etc. Tools and supplies should be cleaned and put back where they belong after each use. Bringing your own handtools and gloves is appreciated.

Bring Environmentally Friendly Products

When using a shower like the one that we have at the Farm, it’s very important to use environmentally friendly cleaning products. All products should be biodegradable, so we recommend bringing those made by Seventh Generation, Brommer’s, etc. These types of products are becoming more readily available in mainstream stores, however natural groceries (Whole Foods, Fresh Market, etc., are also a good place to find them). Water is precious in the mountains so we take quick, but enjoyable showers to conserve as much as possible.

You are Responsible for Compost and Garbage

We request that guests adhere to an organic or all natural diet. All food scraps, with the exception of meat products, need to be put in the covered compost. This compost is then covered with leaves to help fertilize the soil. Everyone will take turns taking out all other garbage and recyclables off the Farm.

No open fires are allowed at the Farm without permission. We prefer wood to deteriorate and turn to dirt rather than to be burned and create air pollution.

We typically have early mornings, with staff meetings beginning at 9 a.m. In the evening, quiet hours start at 10 p.m. (all electricity off) and all guests should be on the property by 11 p.m., unless specific arrangements have been made. These recommendations help keep a peaceful environment for everyone.

Firearms are not allowed on the Farm without permission. We sustain a nonviolent atmosphere, where everyone respects each other in a positive way. Any conflicts between guests and/or staff are resolved in a respectful and positive manner.

Respect for the plants and the Farm is also essential. Guests should stay on marked paths through the forest for their, and the plants, safety.

Living on the farm is living in a small community. Guests should think of their fellow workers like roommates and respect each other as such.

Guests should always ask questions if they don’t understand any of the tasks they are asked to complete. It’s always better to double-check with staff before continuing on if there is any question. Guests provide incredible help to Farm staff, so we don’t want to have to redo any of the guests’ hard work.

Proper Attire

For your comfort and safety we require wearing the proper attire while staying at the Farm.

Garden attire: The weather varies greatly from one season to another, but lightweight clothing is always best as its protective enough from sun and dirt, but is also not too warm. Closed-toe shoes, not sandals, are recommended.

Forest attire: Socks and closed shoes, long sleeved shirts and long pants are essential when working in the forest to protect your skin for any harmful plants (such as Sister Ivy).

Types of work:

The farm operates on the moon cycle so the specific type of work needed is constantly changing; however, some basic examples include:

– Basic farming ,including planting, harvesting, weeding, watering, etc.*

– Farm upkeep including organizing, cleaning, rearranging supplies, composting, road maintenance, and bank restoration.

*Although some farm work may require lifting, no work will be required of any guest that is beyond their capability or comfort level.

For more information, please contact Robert Eidus at (828) 649-3536 or email