Identifying Ginseng

Private classes are held at Eagle Feather Organic farm, by appointment only, from April to October.

Schedule a Ginseng Hunt with Robert Eidus
Learn all about Ginseng and Goldenseal.

The cultivation of native medicinal plants as a new business opportunity will be mentioned. New marketing strategies and organizations will be highlighted. Minimum of 10 people required. Call Robert at (828) 649-3536 to schedule a class.

In the Fall

Come join us to see Goldenseal and Ginseng in a forest environment as the plants go down for the fall. We will explore a rich Appalachian cove where these plants live and then hunt the ginseng berries. The berries will be eaten for their medicinal benefits and the seeds will be placed in a stratification box for a year.

In the Spring

Come join us to explore goldenseal and ginseng in a forest environment as the plants come up for spring. We will explore a rich Appalachian hardwood cove where these plants live and see “baby” ginseng. The class will be spent with hands-on training with the newly sprouted plants.

Robert is Land Steward of Eagle Feather Organic Farm, owner of the North Carolina Ginseng and Goldenseal Company and has written two booklets on growing programs for ginseng and goldenseal in a chemical free environment. He has also produced a video entitled Growing Goldenseal, which is now available.

View photos from our 2017 Ginseng Hunt >>

Workshops are Held at Eagle Feather Organic Farm, Marshall, NC

Call Robert at (828) 649-3536 with questions or to schedule a class.
No Dogs Allowed — Carpooling is Encouraged

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