There is an Apprenticeship Program available.
Please read the following general information before completing the application.

General Information

Here at Eagle Feather we are continually growing and learning from the land and the large number of people who visit each year. Our hope is that you will come here and learn through experience as well as contribute to our overall evolution. Here are some answers to often asked questions:

How long is the program and when does it begin?

The program can last as long as we both decide. We are looking for someone to contribute 20 hours a week, Monday – Friday (weekend hours for festivals). We mainly need help in the spring and autumn, but some part-time help is needed in the summer. The summer is usually a time for herb festivals and herb conferences.

What are we looking for in an apprentice?

Someone with basic gardening skills. Someone who is a self-starter. Organic experience is a plus. Ability to handle rustic living conditions. Must be able to travel to Eagle Feather Farm. Must be able to support themselves financially.

What will I spend my time doing?


In the Spring there is the preparing of the beds and the starting of the seeds. There is the inventorying, seed and root packaging, labeling. General getting things going again after the winter. The Summer is more the time of getting ready for festivals and gatherings. Basically maintaining the garden systems. Composting, roads, and paths all need maintenance and repair and weeds must be removed. Lots of plant identification and some harvesting. In the Autumn it is harvest time. Drying plants, medicine making, plant processing, harvesting the Autumn crop. Preparing the beds for winter. Winter is the time of rest and introspection. No interns are needed over the winter. In the evenings you will have time to study.

Will I be able to attend the growing school?

Yes, you will be offered a work study position for any of the classes offered by Southern Appalachian School of Growing Medicinal Plants that are available during the time you are in residence.

What about room and board?

None available.

Are meals provided?

No meals are provided. Tea is abundant and available. There is a shared kitchen. More details can be found on the Guest Agreement.

What is the purpose of the Apprenticeship Program?

The purpose is to allow a person to start an herb business or partnership in an herb business in the Asheville area through a unique mentoring program with Robert Eidus. The time frame will depend on your area of interest, education and prior experience. The Apprenticeship program ends when the individual becomes an owner or part owner of a local herb company.

What are some benefits available to me?

In the Apprenticeships program you will learn about medicinal herbs and farming through your first-hand work experience. There is the chance to meet and learn from many interesting visitors. Also there is a meditation space and the chance to attend some festivals and shows. For those interested in computers there is the chance to improve your skills.

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