We welcome guests from all walks of life to Eagle Feather Organic Farm and hope that your stay will be not only enjoyable, but educational and fun!

There are many types of individuals that visit our farm. Typically they fall into one of the following categories:

Airbnb: Guests who have paid for accommodations at the farm.

Volunteers/Agrotourism – Guests who visit the Farm for a few hours to a full day. Volunteers bring their own food to the farm, and are provided the tools needed to complete their work, however, bringing your own tools is a plus. Volunteers take home finished products (such as fresh herbs, plants, seeds, etc.) and work a couple of hours.

Interns – Guests who live and work on the Farm for 2 to 14 days. Interns work 5-7 hours a day, and are provided accommodation and one daily meal (or monetary equivalent).

Apprentices – Committed forest farmers who live nearby and are interested in learning how to grow herbs and start their own farm. Apprentices visit the farm regularly for a minimum of one year and participate in a custom learning program.


The accommodations on the Farm are comfortably rustic. There are several different sleeping areas including:

The Loft is a private, enclosed room in the lodge with a king size bed. There is electricity and a wood stove heater in the Loft and several windows that keep it plenty cool during the warmer months.

The Hermitage is a private one-room cabin located 3-minutes by foot up the hill from the main farm area. The Hermitage has no electricity, but has screened windows for fresh mountain air. There is a wooden bunk bed frame with a single sized bed on top and double on the bottom. This is a great private space for short or long term guests. For comfort, sleeping mats are highly recommended.

The Garden Cabin is a private one room cabin located in the sunny garden. The cabin has electricity, and screened windows for fresh mountain air. This is a great space for short or long term guests. For comfort, sleeping mats are highly recommended.

The Yoga Room is a large multipurpose room with various pieces of furniture including a small couch, several chairs, desks, etc. The room features a shared kitchen, plenty of electric outlets, and lots of screened windows.

The Camping Platform is about a 5-minute walk up the hill behind the main farm area. This wooden platform is ideal for tent camping as it offers a wide flat surface in the middle of beautiful forest.

Guest Amenities

Restroom: There is one restroom available for all guests to share. We now have a composting toilet.

Shower: There is a private indoor shower with hot water.

Kitchen: There is a shared kitchen. It has a 2 burner electric cook top and counter space to work on. There is a refrigerator and running water. Guests may bring their own coolers/containers for their own food storage. There are pots, pans, plates, cups, utensils, and bowls to use depending on how many guests are currently staying. It is helpful to bring your own eating utensils such as plate, bowl, fork, spoon, knife, etc.

Food: No meals are provided.

Laundry: There is no washing machine on premises. There is a clothesline. The closest laundromat is located in Marshall.

WiFi: Wireless Internet is available.

Please, no pets, tobacco, or firearms. 

For more information, please see the Guest Agreement, or contact Robert Eidus at (828) 649-3536 or email robert@ncgoldenseal.com