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Second video on the Future of Goldenseal, a Roundtable Discussion

The North Carolina Ginseng Association, United Plant Savers, and Living Web Farms hosted an online event to capture the opinions and recommendations of a broad cross-section of experts and producers of Goldenseal. This virtual event took place on April 22, 2020.

Speaker List:

Lisa Soledad Almaraz Media Director for Living Web Farms Asheville, NC

Robert A. Eidus President NC Ginseng & Goldenseal Co. Marshall, NC
@ Eagle Feather Organic Farm

Paul Strauss Co-owner Equinox Botanicals Rutland, Ohio

Dr. Jeanine Davis Associate Professor & Extension Specialist Fletcher, NC
NC Horticultural Research Station

Katie Commender Agroforestry Program Manager Bristol, TN
Appalachian Sustainable Development
Virginia Tech

Shawn Swartz Forester, Forest Manager Swannanoa, NC
Warren Wilson College

Margaret Bloomquist Botanist Fletcher, NC
NC Beginning Forest Farming

Joe Hollis Owner Celo, NC
Mountain Gardens


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