Episode 42 – Guest: Jeannie Dunn, owner of Red Moon Herbs. Important information about the virus, especially SARS-Cov-2 and COVID-19. Herbal treatments, including Elder Leaf tincture, Japanese knot-weed, and others.



1) Herbal Treatment for Coronavirus Infections by Stephen Harrod Buhner (5 pages). Recommend reading the whole article. Important information about the virus, especially SARS-Cov-2 and Covid-19.

2) Facebook response by Stephen Buhner referring to the Herbal Antiviral book. Major internet push back to Elder Leaf Tincture recommendation.

3) Patryk Battle’s email “Elderberry and Cytokine Storms (3/17/20)”. He states, “It would be tragic if people failed to use elder if they know they have been exposed to Covid 19 or at the first sign of symptoms.”

4) “An Herbalist’s Notes on the COVID-19 Virus” by 7 Song (3/6/20). He states, “If you use herbal medicines, I would suggest stocking up. For those of you who make your own herbal medicines, this may be a good time to make larger amounts of the herbal preparation.”

5) John Hopkins COVID-19 information and prevention actions.

Here are the Action Plans that this show advocated

1) Wild crafting –

a) Elder berry leaf to make Decocted (Sambucus) Elder Leaf Tincture, and

b) Japanese knot-weed, an exotic invasive plant that wild harvesting would help the native populations it is replacing. Japanese knot-weed root is an Anti inflammatory and “many of the viral symptoms are due to the body’s inflammatory response,” says, 7 Song. Turkey Tail mushroom to be tinctured and taken as an Immune Tonic to prevent getting Covid-19, also recommend by 7 Song.

c) Usnea used in Cold and Flue tinctures is a lichen. Be careful for the look a likes.

2) Plants to grow in the sunny garden or containers –

a) Chinese skullcap root if you can get seeds

b) Elderberry bushes (you can easily create new starts by cutting a leafed branch in early spring and putting it in water to create rootlets before planting).

Listen to the whole show and know there are more plants to help in this outbreak.


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