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Our Southern Community presents
Goldenseal and the state of North Carolina today

Robert Eidus, Cory Pine Shane, and Mark Williams join host Ned Ryan Doyle for a look at the medicinal plant, goldenseal, recently de-listed as a threatened plant species by the NC Plant Commission. The history and uses of goldenseal are outlined, the current regional industry and the uncertain future of this remarkable plant are all at stake. Original airdate 1-16-2011. Online at


Overharvesting of forest plants calls for mindful consumers
     Mountain Xpress, by Carrie Eidson, May 20, 2015

Appalachian Gold: The Plight Of Ginseng
     Film by Jesmira Bonoan and Max Olszack, Warren Wilson College

An Herbal Tonic: Tips for cultivating one of the most precious plants
     in America's forests: Ginseng. Woodland, Fall 2014, pgs 20-25.
     Written by Paul Clark. Photos by Rob Amberg, (pdf file)

Ginseng Poaching Threatens Survival of Plant Species
     CBS News, September 5, 2013

Botanical Bandits: Rampant poaching threatens ginseng’s survival
     Mountain Xpress, by Jake Frankel, September 3, 2013

Meet The Ginseng King
     New Pioneer Magazine, by Lyn Howard, February 28, 2013

Highlights of the International American Ginseng Expo (pdf file), Spring 2013
     The United Plant Savers Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation,

Forest Farming Key to Saving Wild Ginseng from Extinction, Sunday, December 9, 2012
     By Nathaniel Axtell, Times-News Staff Writer

Woodland Plants Revealed, Thursday, May 5, 2011
     by Anne Brock, Flour Sack Mama

The Ending of America’s Asian Deficit, written by Robert Eidus, 2010
     Ideas to increase employment in the earth-friendly areas, or green jobs.

The Men's Garden Club Newsletter: MEDICINAL PLANTS with Robert Eidus (pdf file)
     Do you know the name of the plant whose roots are selling for $80 a pound? 

A Haven for Herbalists, Naturalists, and Seekers of Agri-Tourism

The Permaculture Activist  (North America's leading permaculture periodical)
     Ginseng Speaks (by Robert Eidus)

Dr. Ingham's Monthly E-Zine, Issue #15, April 2001
     North Carolina Grower Discusses Wild Organic Ginseng on a New Green Wave

Yellow Creek Botanical Institute Farm Tour, September 2001
     Natural Products Tour, by Beverly Whitehead and Bobbie Ammons

Farming Ginseng in the Woods: A Sustainable Forest Cash Crop
     Healing & Whole Foods News & Information in the Appalachians

Looking for Tobacco Alternatives?, November 25, 1999
The News-Record & Sentinel

No Tractors, Fields or Barns: Ginseng Cultivated at Madison Farm, September 8, 1999
The News-Record & Sentinel

Ginseng: Madison Number Two, September 8, 1999
The News-Record & Sentinel

Pesticides: Tainted Ginseng Nabbed, Asheville Citizen-Times; October 16, 1997

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