North Carolina
Marshall, NC

Application Form


Mail a copy of your completed form to:
North Carolina Ginseng & Goldenseal Co.
Eagle Feather Farm
300 Indigo Bunting Lane, Marshall, NC 28753

You may also email a completed copy of the form to

NAME:  ____________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________

CITY: ______________________________________ STATE: _______________ ZIP: __________

E-Mail: _____________________________________________________

Telephone: __________________________________________________

Please answer the following questions and send to Eagle Feather Farm.
(Use reverse side if needed, for any answer).

1.  What is your formal and informal background in medicinal herbs?




2. What is your experience working on a farm?




3. What is your experience working independently?



4.  What specifically would you like to learn from interning at Eagle  Feather Organic Farm? 



5. When will you be able to come for a visit? (Before the beginning of the internship or Apprentice Program.) 
     Date(s) _____________________ 


6. When would you like to begin, and how are you going to support yourself during the program.
    Date(s) _____________________ 


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Ginseng root  

 This information provided by: 
North Carolina Ginseng & Goldenseal Company 
Robert A. Eidus, President 
300 Indigo Bunting Lane, Marshall, NC 28753 

(828) 649-3536